Why You Should Get Dental Teeth Cleanings

Although we have been told that we should get our teeth cleaned every 6 months, many people skip their dental appointments for cleaning because they think they don’t need it. This is wrong; there are many reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis:

•    As you grow older your teeth tend to discolor due to things like coffee, tea and even age itself. Regular teeth cleaning will remove stains and ensure that you have a pearly smile.

•    Over time plaque accumulates on teeth and it is left there you can develop gum disease. Plaque builds at different rates in different people but generally, enough of it accumulates over 6 months to require removal. In other words, having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis will help you avoid gum disease.

•    Oral cancer is a real threat – it is estimated that in America alone one person dies every minute from it. If you have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis your Spring TX dental office can spot it early and save your life.

•    Cardiovascular disease seems to be more prevalent in people who have gum disease so getting your teeth cleaned can help you avoid it altogether.

•    Teeth cleaning is a good time for your dentist to inspect crowns, fillings and any other implants you may have on your teeth.

•    If you have a dental plan it is quite likely that it covers teeth cleaning so if you are not going to your appointments you are throwing away money.

•    Your mouth can be a roadmap to your overall health and if a dentist spots a problem he will refer you to the proper doctor so that you can get proper treatment.

•    Research has shown that women who have periodontal disease tend to give birth to premature babies than those who don’t. if you plan to get pregnant you should make sure to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

•    Your dentist is able to compare the state of your oral health now compared to your last visit and if there is any deterioration he will do the right treatments and make recommendations on how you can take better care of your teeth.

What should you do?

If you want to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis it is important that you find a dentist that you can trust. Keep the appointments that they give you and if you miss one go at the earliest convenience. You should find a dentist who offers personalized solutions to deal with any particular problems that you may be dealing with. If you have problems with paying for cleaning talk to your dentist about a payment plan – most dentists are happy to let their patients pay them on a monthly basis. Keep in mind that the longer you have gum disease the harder it becomes to treat, but so long as you have your teeth cleaned regularly you can avoid it altogether.