How To Become A Dentist


When it comes to careers, there are few careers more prestigious and high paying than being a dentist. Being a dentist will set you up for a life of prosperity and financial freedom. Being a dentist is also a highly rewarding career. You are helping people every day and that makes the other perks that much better. However, becoming a Nampa dentist is not something that is easy. You have to go through a lot of schooling and also excel in school. You are competing against a ton of other students all across the country that want that same spot in dental school that you are hoping to get. Therefore, you need to know how to get into dental school and go about the process in a way that maximizes your chances. I have laid out a simple, but inclusive five step approach that will ensure you do everything that you can to get your foot in the door to this illustrious career.

Step 1 – Get Your Undergraduate Degree & Pre-Requisites

In order to apply to dental school you have to meet all the pre-requisites. There is a list of classes that each dental school requires you to complete before you can even apply. If you can get your four-year undergraduate degree plus the pre-requisites for that school, you give yourself a better chance at gaining acceptance. For most schools, you need to finish with a GPA of 3.5 or higher to be considered competitive.

Step 2 – Letters Of Recommendation

Not only do you need to do well in your classes, but you need to build great relationships with your professors. When it comes time to apply, you will need to have outstanding letters of recommendation. Most schools require you to have two to three letters of recommendation from professors in the science department.

Step 3 – Score Well On The DAT

The DAT is the entrance exam for dental school. This is one of the hardest entrance exams in the world. In order to well on this exam, you need to buy practice materials from either Kaplan or the Princeton Review. Then you need to set aside a summer, or roughly 3 months to studying for this exam vigorously. This will greatly prepare you for the exam, and if you do this, then you should do really well.

Step 4 – Add ExtraCurriculars And A Great Personal Statement To Your Application

It is a must to have extracurriculars and a good personal statement. Try to add extracurriculars by clubs, organizations, sports teams, and volunteer hours.

Step 5 – Contact The School, Make Sure They Know Your Name, And Ace Your Interview

Before you interview or apply, you should contact that school regularly so that they know your name and so you can build relationships before the interview. Once you receive an interview, you need to be able to explain to them why you want to enter this field and why you would be a good fit for their school. If you follow these five steps outlined in this article then you stand more than a good chance at getting into dental school and becoming a dentist.